Monday, April 10, 2017

Our Story and Promise to YOU!

As local growers we take pride in our superior quality plants nurtured with environmentally responsible products.

Come join the farm experience and let our friendly knowledgeable staff guide you in selecting the ideal mix for your dream garden, big or small.

We offer good value so you can create healthy living spaces for your family and community.

West River Greenhouses is a family owned & operated greenhouse business that has specialized in growing outdoor ornamental plants since 1973. Over 40+ years in the business, the Parkers have continued to emphasize the production of top quality plants with low impact on the environment.

Natural Products
Plants are our passion and the earth is in the package deal. As growers ourselves we have opportunities to purchase large quantities of products that are less harmful to our environment. We believe our customers should have the same options available to them. Through trials of our own we have gathered a collection of products that are less harmful to the environment yet still work well. We can help you select the product you need to compete with the problem you have whether you're in need of:  Pest Control; Soil Amendments; Fertilizers; Weed Control; Disease Control.

We have the products and can advise you on what to do to help turn your problem around and grow the garden you intended. Lets get back into the cultural and physical controls our grandparents used to keep gardens at their best. Planting in the 'right spot', mulching and keeping your plants competitive and healthy will go a long way. Plus, a couple caterpillar holes in your cabbage or a little mildew on your roses isn't a sign your a bad gardener, just that you have a healthy ecosystem.

Custom Designed Containers
Potscaping ~ For a beautiful yet portable and changeable display that can be an easy and low maintenance solution to increase your home or business curb appeal! You can make a big impact with some colourful annuals, perennials and grasses which will require less work than an in-ground garden.

We Custom Plant ~ Choose from our many sized, high quality and professionally cared for planters to make your property pop, or bring us your favourite containers for filling. Our designers will work with you to design planters which meet your personal taste and property requirements.

Tasty Containers ~ Wouldn't it be nice to step out onto your doorstep and pick some fresh tomoatoes right off the vine? Why not try a vegetable planter! Many vegetable plants have been improved to grow delicious veggies on more compact plants to be used in containers. Even plant some veggies among your flowers for a fabulous yet functional display.

Attention Local Businesses ~ Have a business front that needs 'sprucing up' but don't want to re-model? Ask us about our business containers and service packages. We have selected the toughest yet most eye appealing plants to bring customers into your store.

Growing Your Own Food
There is a strong renewal in interest in growing our own food and buying from local farmers. Whether it is from the renewed health consciousness, an increased awareness of our environment or just for the experience, we are here to help you make the baby steps or big leap towards your own personalized vegetable garden.

We aim to have something different or unusual to try because we love gardening and we're just as curious as you! Heirloom, open-pollinated, tried and true and something new, we've got it all.

Berry Plants & Shrubs!  Fruit Trees!  Vegetables Transplants!  Seeds!

A great garden is only as good as the plants and seeds it is started with. Our top quality, locally grown plants are healthy and the selection can't be beat. Our staff can offer advice on soil amendments, pest control, growing and harvesting, even storage to help make your experience a good one!

No matter what colour your thumbs are WE'RE READY TO HELP!

Our plants are grown locally, with passion!

Bright Containers
Hanging Baskets
Showy Annuals & Potted Plants
Vegetable & Herb Transplants
Fruit & Berry Plants
Custom Container Planting
Perennials of all sizes and uses
Roses we know will grow in Pictou County

West River Greenhouses is a proud supporter of alternative, environmentally friendly energy sources.


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