Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bob's Blurb - Season 44, Episode 1

Welcome to spring!  
Pansy Geraniums
It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and put pen to paper (somebody else punches it into the computer for me) on my favourite subject, gardening.  I hope you have all wintered well, if you’re reading this you’re at least doing half well anyway.  Personally, as some of you will know, I’ve put in probably my most difficult winter yet and I can’t even blame the weather.  A simple slip on a stairway in an outbuilding, only a few steps, led to a serious knee injury that kept me housebound for 3 months, like 3 months in prison.  Thanks to the excellent care at the Aberdeen and the several months of care and extra work by my good wife, Colleen, I’m now about 95% recovered and ready to tackle a brand new growing season.

It’s great to see some colour popping up.  Crocuses and other small bulbs are brightly appearing on the front lawn and it can’t help but wet your appetite for all the beauty to come!  You know, those little fellows are awfully tough.  It was twelve below here a few mornings ago and those little blossoms just cupped themselves up and took it, and by mid-day were wide open and none the worse for wear.

Transplants that later fill a whole greenhouse and likely more!
This is just a short not to let you know that our greenhouse staff here at West River have been busy since mid-February planting seeds and cuttings and already have 5 greenhouses full of plants at various stages of growth.  Overall, the growing weather has been reasonably good for the past 2 months, a little short on sunlight at times but certainly a big improvement over last year in terms of cold temperatures and snow load.  The garden centre staff are very busy right now getting everything organized and ready to go for the new season.  Unless we get a big snowstorm, we plan to open on Earth Day, April 22nd at both the New Glasgow and Central West River sites.

Over the next several months, I hope to find the time to give you regular updates on how things are going (and growing) at our greenhouses and to talk about new varieties, new products and new ways of doing things.  I will also be doing my regular Farmer Bob updates, 3 times per week, on our local radio station, 94.1 FM.

Fun basket colours are in-style!
New this year, I or a guest will be writing a short column in the Pictou Advocate.  I hope to dedicate this column mostly to answering your questions.  While we can never keep up with addressing every individual question, we will try to find the commonality of questions and concerns and take a stab at those or find an expert (local to the Maritimes) who can.  I look forward to your questions and concerns.

Million Kisses "Honeymoon" Begonia

So, get your tools sharpened and repaired, let your gardening dreams roll out and get ready for another satisfying and enjoyable season, well except for a few late frosts and some unwelcome critters.  Take care of each other and always be thankful for the wonderful gifts of nature and gardening that He has given us all.

Until next time,

Farmer Bob

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  1. I am wishing you a great season with just the right amount of rain and warm sunny days. I will miss not coming to work everyday but will be dropping in during planting time. Yours in gardening. Pat